3 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

July 11th, 2016

If you are bored with your sex life and need to give it a boost, there are several ways to re-connect with your partner and reignite the love between the two of you. If you too wish to stay connected with your partner intimately, there are a few effective tips to follow, which will work wonders for you.

• Introducing sex toys

There are several adult games and dildos in Australia and a flotilla of sex toys to introduce into the bedroom and notice how it ends up satisfying your partner. A dildo, for example, is a sexual toy which looks quite much like a penis by weight, shape, size and its overall appearance. However it’s not only restricted to women but even men love these toys.

The best part about dildos is they will never let you down. You will not need a battery and can get intimately satisfied with vibrating butt plug in the most positive way. Since people come with different likes and dislikes regarding their partners, getting a dildo would be a remarkable way to pleasure one with which is quite opposite toy our partner. For example, you can buy such a toy which has a size that is bigger to the size of your partner. They are available in a gamut of sizes, colors, and will make an outstanding difference in the bedroom because the fact is, at times, we love indulging in things that we do not have!

• Why not write an erotic story to your partner?

Almost every couple at some point of time feels tough to communicate across every need of theirs. Also when you are ‘at it’ it is just not possible for you to come across with an instruction manual. But couples can write down their wishes and fantasies however wild they are and this would be a great way to get your message delivered to your partner. This way when your partner reads and thinks about it, it will drive them wild too and would love to experiment every little fantasy you had on your wish list.

• Place the sex toy carefully for your partner to see

Even if you are not much a big fan of adult toys, there is no harm in trying them out. They are available in diverse forms and sizes and if you are a starter with these toys, buy a reasonable one and keep it in the shower or your partner’s closet. They will definitely be surprised and the expression that you would notice on their face will definitely be priceless. There is no harm in trying out one you never know how well it clicks between the two of you.

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